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No Black Ops last night, so nothing of any interest to report on my side. However, I would like to discuss being on the wrong end of a black ops drop.

The good thing about Covert Cynos is there are only a few ships they will be reasonably fit on. I’d venture to say that Nearly ~100% of all covert cynos are opened by a Recon or a Stealth Bomber. (With the higher percentage on the former)

Now any bomber can be fit with one, but it’s less likely due to their fragile nature. You can probably kill off a bomber before he’s able to bridge in the whole gang. This leaves most of the work for Recons. Even here, we can still narrow down the likely ships. Combat Recons (Curse/Rook/Lachesis/Huginn) are out of the question for this. You need to be cloaky-cloaky. So we’re left with–Falcon/Rapier/Pilgrim/Arazu. Much more often than not the ships used are the Rapier and Arazu.

Rapiers are great because of the web bonus. Long point + double web means they’re going to be able to engage from range and still pin the target down. The Arazu is great due to the range bonus to your point, but also for the fact that you can feasibly point 5 targets. Both of these ships can utilize their bonus while maintaining a decent tank–which is why they make better hunters than Falcons/Pilgrims, in general.

So on to some of the situational awareness you should have dealing with lone Recons. First off, Recons are a hugely preferable cyno ship because a standard cyno fit to it has a 50% reduction in activation time (5 minutes instead of 10). Secondly, for reasons just discussed, they make great hunters for Black Ops gangs.

Last night we had some alliance members chilling outside of station, in our “home” system, when a Rapier warps to the station and starts playing around with a friendly Cane and Hookbill. This is normal, neuts or reds will let you waste your ammo on them for a bit and then dock. However, the Rapier aggressed and put drones out.  Literally, this should have been an immediate red flag. An enemy Recon aggressing on a station with 75 people in system who are not friendly to him. Unless your camping a bubble, you’re not solo’ing in a Recon — sorry, you just don’t. Why waste the 150m isk to just die? The friendlies should have immediately moved out of range/warped/docked. Instead, they aggressed back and he was able to snag the Hookbill as he lit his cyno. In drops the gang and poof goes the Hookbill.

While solo Recons won’t always be cyno ships. Always be prepared for that when you run into one.