Wormholes: A Black Ops’ Best Friend?

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Black Ops, EVE Online, Strategy

When you think of running Black Ops, the first thing that typically comes to mind is nullsec then lowsec and sometimes highsec when you daydream about hot-dropping freighters.

Do you ever consider wormholes? Before your brush them off as complicated and unwieldy, think about some of the great benefits to you:

1) Wormholes open up incredible new opportunities for you and your crew. 

Too often, you cover the same hunting territory day in and day out only to find people becoming wise to your tactics. Unless you hunt in Providence, your hunting characters become well-known through alliance mails and internal forum posts and you suddenly find dreamy ratting space suddenly devoid of ratters when you stroll through.

Wormholes give you the ability to find new hunting grounds — access to fresh meat who don’t know you from any other random neutral.

2) Wormholes give you the ability to stay undetected.

One of the biggest issues that the piss-poor range of a JDC 5 Black Ops is the fact that you often find yourself hanging out with your gang in some random system near your target in order to get within bridge range. 20 dudes in some back-alley system can generate quite a bit of interest when people check out the map and check “Active Pilots in Space in the Last 30 Minutes”. This problem is already above the fact that any random guy transiting through your system will most assuredly report you in intel.

The report: (John Doe x20 – SVB-RE Solar System – no visual) – will definitely generate some people either looking around or looking you up on eve-kill.

However, wormholes help put a dent in this problem. This is obviously situational, as your target may be more than 1 jump from the wormhole. But it’s safe to assume you can spend a good deal of hunting time sitting comfortably in the wormhole waiting to jump the exit and immediately bridge out.


Now nobody truly enjoys probing. It’s a pain and can be quite tedious to weed out all of those Independence and Mag sites, but much of the time you can find people to do it for you. Namely, if you’re already in an alliance, consider creating a Google Doc spreadsheet that has a list of every system you control or actively monitor. Send out an alliance mail or create a forum post asking anybody that probes to drop a note in the Doc where they may have run across a wormhole. (no need for them to give away that 10/10 they just found) You can add columns for Life left, Mass remaining, destination, and more to get a good picture of what is out there.

While any wormhole out there can have a K162 to what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find some nullsec directs, random C3 with a K346 other than you, and lots more.

If you’re feeling truly hardcore and have a group of people who can spare alts or are looking for new grounds. Consider vacationing in a K346 Class 3. You’ll have a constant connection to nullsec that you can cycle as you see fit to find the best hunting grounds. Win-Win



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