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Posted: September 4, 2011 in Bridging, EVE Online, Guide

For not posting much lately, this blog is still gets quite a few daily hits. I’m always interested to see what my site stats are up to — mostly search keywords.

I’m going to look at three of the most common search phrases that lead to my blog and do my best to answer what it is the phrase is looking for.

Without further ado:

  1. how long is the training for black ops in eve?

First off, if you’re even remotely interested about working out training times, EVEMON is a must have. It’s a great program for checking how long it takes to train for anything in the game, ships/skills/mods/prints.

Concerning getting into the ship and using the fits I’ve given in the past, I started with a fresh character to check the training time. With remapping your attributes and plugging in +5 implants, it will take ~200 days to train (aka 7 months). That’s quite a bit of training, but you probably have a lot of necessary support skills already trained up or nearly trained.

       2. black ops bridging in eve

Opening covert bridges is an essential part of being a Black Ops pilot. The whole idea behind bridging can be a bit confusing, so let’s walk through everything together.

First thing we need:

Jump Portal Generator Eve Online Black Ops
Jump Portal Generator – This takes up a high slot and is actually a “passive module”, which means that when you fit it, you don’t click on the module icon (Like a gun or MWD). It just exists — sort of like a shield extender or plate. (Remember, you need Astrometrics 5  to use this)

Once you’re in space,
right click on your capacitor and you’ll notice a “Bridge To” option above “Set Name”:
Bridge Black Ops EVE Online
Things to note about bridging and this image:
  1. The first thing you will notice, if you belong to an alliance that has Cyno Generators in multiple systems, you’ll have the option to bridge to any of the Cyno Generators your alliance has. *I blacked out the specific systems next to the words, but each option will usually region.  They will be listed like “HED-GP (Cynosural Generator Array)
  2. When somebody in your gang lights a cyno, it will appear at the top of this list showing their name and the system the cyno is in. An example: “Phatstabley (Rancer)
  3. Cynos and Cyno Generators will show up in this list, regardless of them being in range. Always make sure that you are in range of your intended destination – more on this soon.
  4. Notice how 3 spots above “Bridge To” is “Jump To” – Don’t mix these up.

Worst. News. Ever.

Next Step: Bridging and Fuel

Your hunter lights the cyno, you go to “Bridge To” and find the guy, you click on his name and a giant black cloud envelopes your ship. At this point the connection has been made between your Black Ops and the destination cyno.
  • Everyone who plans on jumping through needs to get within 2,500 meter of you (just like a gate), they need to right-click on your ship and choose the option to jump to the destination system.
  • Ships jumping through consume fuel from your fuel bay.
  • Opening the portal doesn’t consume any fuel
  • Your portal lasts 20 seconds
  • You can only portal people as far as you can possibly jump. If you only have Jump Drive Calibration IV you can jump 4 Light Years and bridge only 4 light years.
As your fleet members jump through, your fuel in the fuel bay will be consumed depending on what kind of ships go through, how they’re fit, and your Jump Fuel Conservation Level. Generally speaking, from lowest consumption to highest – Bombers > Transports > Recons > T3**. (If you’re bridging bombers, you can move a lot of them on one load of fuel, but it’s best to be near a can if you’re different flavors of ships. (Make sure nobody is MWD’ing to get in range of you, MWDs make a ship’s mass practically explode and it will consume a lot more fuel if they jump through with they’re MWD on)

**T3’s can only go through if they have the covert subsystem fit to their ship.

(end of bridging question…that was long, sorry)

       3.  fuel bay black ops

Black Ops Battleships have a dedicated fuel bay that is 1,000 m3. You can fill your fuel bay with 6,666 of your racial isotopes. Make sure to fill your empty cargo hold space with isotopes. Your fuel bay is similar to a cargo hold, you can open it in space and add more isotopes. (Like bridging, right click on your capacitor and choose “Fuel Bay” to access it)
A smart idea concerning your fuel bay. If you’ll be jumping around, have everybody coming on your gang bring some of your racial isotopes with them in any extra cargo hold space they have. When you jump in to the destination, drop a can and have people dump their fuel into it – mobile refueling without the transport!


That’s it for now.
  1. Serpentine Logic says:

    An interesting post would be: what would you change about blackops if you were in charge of ship balancing?

  2. Havoc Zealot says:

    Thanks a lot for these guides 🙂

  3. Jaime says:

    These guides were real helpful. I just have one question, Can you tackle and shoot while you have a covert cyno activated.

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