A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 3

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Black Ops, EVE Online, Guide, PVP, Strategy

So maybe I lied about when I was going to get around to writing this. Sue me.

I’m not going to write a linear story of how to fly a Black Ops. Rather, I’m just going to point out some good tips to remember when using them.

Pre-Flight Checklist

  1. Going gang or going solo?
    – Select your fit accordingly and if you’re running with a gang consider having reps/rep drones.
    – If you’re running the gang, ask for fittings to be linked in fleet. I’m not a fitting warrior, but if it’s my gang — your fits need to be acceptable. (Black Ops aren’t super easy to fit, people tend to take too many liberties sometimes or fit a ton of faction crap to make it seem ok)
  2. Cynos/Fuel
    – Make sure you’ve got a fuel bay of fuel.
    – Consider bringing a Transport ship alt if you’ll be trekking.

The Waiting Game

  1. Don’t sit in a POS
    – The only reason your Black Ops should ever go into a POS is to grab some fuel from a can you may have there. Don’t have your gang sitting on the Black Ops at a POS. The only time you ever decloak is to shoot/bridge/jump. Don’t give free intel away. Black Ops fleets and bomber drops get killed because they get baited after being seen. Don’t give easy intel.
  2. Be wary of fleet member locations
     You should always be aware of your fleet composition and the location of the members. If someone is not in your system or docked up somewhere and they’re not one of your scouts. They get booted. end of story.
  3. Have a preset plan from your scouts. Don’t start your gang then fire up your map. Check Dotlan for 1hr/24hr jumps and ratting histories. Learn jumpbridge locations and routes. Camp them.
  4. Don’t wait for fights to come to you. If a system is slow or people have docked up, move on and come back later. Camp a jumpbridge for 2 hours if you like, but if you don’t gank something awesome, don’t expect 20 bombers to show up to your next gang. (Edit: ENEMY POS + BLACK OPS = DEAD BLACK OPS — you bridge bombers on to a pos)

Shooting Stuff

  1. Unless you have a solid plan or like expensive thrills — Black Ops are for ganking. Remember that the 600mil + ship you are flying is, for all intents and purposes, worse than its t1 counterpart. Don’t get into a fights unless you have a plan well laid out.
  2. It’s better to cyno in close to your target than far away.
  3. Best cyno ships = Rapier >= Arazu > Pilgrim > Falcon > Bombers > Covert Ops (Rapier/Arazu are a roll of the dice situational. Arazu can point 5 guys no problem at 75KM while the Rapier can point and web in the mid 30’s (using RF disruptor) — your choice)
  4. So you found a target? Sweet, light the cyno and get your Black Ops in there to kill it.
    – Rule #1: Before doing anything – Black Ops should align to a celestial. Being able to GTFO is more important than ganking that t1 fit Apoc.
    – Rule #2: Rep your cyno/friends
…more to come when I become less lazy.
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