Belt Ratting Carriers

Posted: June 22, 2011 in EVE Online, Ganks, PVP

Black Ops Guide part three will be here later today or tonight.

In the meantime, a quick AAR on a nice gank last night for some peeps who asked how it went down.

I’ve been having some luck running up to Venal lately so I decided to do a little more solo stuff up there last night. I grabbed the Stabber fleet issue.

Checking the ingame map I saw 3 systems with activity. Figuring them to be bots, as usual, I figured I’d take a cursory glance and move on to northern Venal. On jump in I saw 3 familiar neuts. What I assume is one guy running three characters, I had run across him last week with one character cynoing in another one’s Thanatos. I checked dscan and saw an incursus, same shiptype he used as his cyno last time. I was out of dscan range of quite a bit of the system so I warped to a belt near the sun to get a better idea of what was going on.

As I came within dscan range of my destination, I noticed the Thanatos on scan as well as a small Amarr tower and some wrecks. Switching over to my ratting overview, I see 6 fighters and 5 Ogre I’s out. I quickly find out he’s at the Ice Belt?!?! Warping to the belt at zero, I land right on top of him. I scram him and begin putting DPS. I put out the call in Intel channel that I’ve got a Thanatos tackled at the Ice Belt and I need some DPS. Confirmations come from Alliance mates and blues that they’re on the way (mostly about 10 jumps out).

He wasn’t moving when I landed but quickly got some speed and sent his combo of Fighters/Ogres after me. Luckily, I’m dual-prop in the SFI, so I turn on the AB and get a nice tight orbit around him negating all of the damage from those drones. I leave my drones on the carrier and focus my guns/web on all of his drones. He smartens up when he’s lost about 4 fighters and all of his Ogres and deploys flight after flight of Hammerheads and Warriors.

He then brings in an alt in a bomber, and I quickly dispath him with my drones. (I never pointed the bomber, so he must have been getting desperate to apply every ounce of DPS he could).

Again, I lucked out with my fitting. This is the fit I use for Ahac gangs, so I’m 1600 plated. I’d need every ounce of armor and shield I could. I’m doing a solid job killing off his drones, but they are eating into me. I’m beginning to bleed structure after about 6 minutes of holding him down.

I don’t have friendlies on my drone overview, so I really didn’t notice help had arrive until a bubble went up around me. Some blues were the first on the scene as they had the least amount of  ground to cover to get to my location. Moments later they light a cyno and bring in 2 carriers and a dread.

With him firmly tackled, I needed to hit the MWD and get the hell out of dodge as I was now at 90% structure. I was able to kill off his remaining drones with mine as I sped away and was able to get back to zero in time for him to pop. Loot sucked.

So that’s it. A lot of writing for one ship, but it was a pretty heart pounding experience. I did not, by any means, want to give up this kill. For a bit I figured I’d need to bail out, but luck was surely on my side.

  1. Andrew says:

    Mate you were bloody lucky with that one… I would have had a hole in my monitor if that was my carrier…

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